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Animal Jam Game’s Economy And Communication

The in-game economy of the Animal jam is made up of gems and it can be obtained by the player while playing the game. The player can also gain the gems by participating in many of the other activities provide in order to avail the extra gems for the player. There also a more valuable currency like diamonds and gems are available for the player to play the game in the effective manner which can be obtained through animal jam’s daily spin, outfitters and memberships purchase. By default the additional diamonds is distributes to members once in every week. In an exclusive area as the summer offer, there are tickets available, which can be used to buy special items in those exclusive areas. Animal jam game consists of three options of game chat method to make the players convenient in the game. About restricted chat, it is the normal setting, which will only allow the users to type the pre-entered words or commands. Bubble chat version of the game will allow the players to select the communicative words and commands from a pre-entered options but the bubble chat version does not allow the player to type the message. Finally the safe chat version, it will allow the player to type the words and phrases freely, which will still run through the Animal jam game’s safety chat filter. With the help of the site parent dashboard, the parents can control the player’s chat settings. The Animal jam game will adheres to a strict privacy policy and the game is free from the outside advertising.

Gaming platform advantages

Animal jam players can also lock their dens in any case if they came know that the any other person who is not in their buddy/friends list is trying to enter their dens. If a player who is not on their respective buddy list, then the particular player will be blocked but they will still remain on their buddy list until they have been removed, they are not supposed to play with that player any more. A team of highly trained and talented moderators are reviewing all in-game reports and activities of each and every child who is playing the Animal jam game in 24 hours a day and 7days a week. If a player is found to be attempting to break any of the animal jam rules, then moderators will take a proper swift and appropriate action will be taken that includes informing to their parents of any rule violation associated with their child’s Animal jam game player’s account. Codes are needed to play the game in effective manner. New set of codes will come every weekend and the player should checkout the code before using to get more gems whether it is a working animal code or an expired one. If the player needs more gems to buy items then he/she may try animal jam codes to gain more amounts of gems without playing game the player can increase his points easily.

June 24, 2017

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